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Safety Comes First at Hammonds Construction


There is nothing more important than the safety of the personnel involved in our projects.  We create safe worksites and a culture of safety in our organization from top to bottom.  We utilize a proactive methodology of compliance, participation, communication, and involvement with all trades that is conducive to creating a safe workplace and reducing the risks associated with work performed on our projects.

Since the construction process is dynamic and constantly changing Hammonds Construction utilizes a combination of resources to ensure the safety of those working on or near the project.  Those resources include but are not limited to, our Superintendent who is OSHA 10 Hour trained as well as a third-party Safety Consultant (Safety by Design) who provides ongoing safety support to our entire company and conducts periodic inspections (minimum of 1 per month per project) in an effort to identify and correct hazards.  In addition, our Safety Committee meets quarterly and reviews audit data from all our projects, subcontractor safety performance and any Federal Regulatory issues or concerns.

Every project has different factors that are considered when determining the best program to put in place.  In some cases, a full-time safety coordinator is placed on the project to monitor safety continually on a daily basis.  In other cases, periodic inspections that provide a “snapshot” of the safety on that particular project is sufficient.  Each case is different and typically the appropriate solution for the project is agreed to in partnership with the project team.

We are very proactive and committed to ensuring that all construction site personnel are aware of Hammonds Construction’s strict safety policy and that all federal and company policies are adhered to on a daily basis.